"if you listen closely....
you can hear the Sleigh Bells"

Poncho & Lefty

Ben & Jerry
   Dean and Peggy Krohn invite you to come and experience  the fun of a real old-fashioned sleigh ride on their historic farm.  Climb aboard a handcrafted antique logging bob-sled, pulled by a  handsome team of Percheron Draft Horses. Create new  traditions and lasting memories as you travel on pristine trails  through acres of privately owned meadow and forestlands.

   Sleigh bells ring as the horses take off, leaving the hand-hewn stone and log barns behind. Snuggle under our warm blankets as you fly through the crisp winter air. Watch the stars twinkle and feel your cheeks turn rosy as you take a trip across the meadow and deep into the winter woods. Soon you'll stop and enjoy a crackling bon-fire built in a clearing among the pines.

Bundling Hopuse
   The sleigh ride lasts about 45 minutes. When you return to the  farm, follow the lanterns lighting the path to the Bundling House.  Our little party barn is filled with antiques and northwood's  treasures. A wood fire crackles merrily in the corner while music  plays softly in the background. Local talent is often on hand to sing  a few songs, pick a few chords on a guitar or simply tell a story.

   Get to know our Labrador Retrievers while you relax and enjoy a hot mulled cider. A true northwoods experience, this is sure to be one of the highlights of your winter vacation - an adventure to share with family and friends.
Jingle Girls

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Days or evenings call for a additional information on hours, prices and reservations.

Winterwind Sleigh Rides
(906) 932-0156
Located just 5 miles west of Big Powderhorn Mountain on Airport Rd.

E-mail Winterlabs@portup.com for more information.

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